Sporting Events

Virgin Islands Sports

While they are well-known around the world as an ideal vacation destination, the U.S. Virgin Islands are home to multiple sporting events year-round. Throughout the year, many people congregate from around the globe to compete and watch in sporting events. These events are a celebration of culture and competition that range anywhere from boating regattas to basketball games. Check out our events page for more information on upcoming sporting events on the islands.

St. Thomas International Regatta

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For over 40 years, the St. Thomas International Regatta has brought competitive yachtsmen and yachtswomen together to race in the Caribbean waters of the USVI. Taking on tropical weather is only one of the many challenges that face the competitors as they race for first place. With more than five classes of racers, there is a place for every age to race in this annual event. Since its original beginning, it has gained a worldwide following and now has more than 40 groups of contestants who compete to win. Check out their site here for more information.

U.S. Virgin Islands Paradise Jam

The USVI Paradise Jam is hosted by the University of the Virgin Islands as a way for college basketball teams to start the season off right in a tropical setting. Since its early beginnings in 2000, the Paradise Jam has allowed teams of individuals to compete and enjoy their time on the islands. Take a closer look here to find out more about this extravagant tropical competition.


USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament

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The USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament is a fishing competition like none other! Since its inception in 1972, this exotic fishing competition has drawn seasoned and first-time competitors from around the globe to take part in what has become known as a saltwater staple of the Virgin Islands. Though this competition revolves around catching the legendary Blue Marlin, the tournament operates on a catch and release program and encourages conservation. You can learn more about this tournament here.