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The U.S. Virgin Islands are a favorite of vacationers because the sun is always shining on St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island, which allows for families to make the most out of their Caribbean vacation. But it’s not just the perfect weather that keeps families coming back year after year, the USVI is safe, English-speaking, and easily navigable, not to forget extremely fun to explore! Although the four islands are relatively small, they are perfect for families to get around on and find activities that the whole family will surely enjoy!

Animal Encounters USVI

Animal Encounters

Ever wanted to swim with sea turtles? How about pet a shark? Well you can make that a reality for you and your family in the US Virgin Islands! Visit the local animal sanctuaries and learn all about the local tropical wildlife. Educational and fun for the whole family!

Featured Partners:

  • Dolphin Discovery – With multiple locations in the British Virgin Islands and across the Caribbean, Dolphin Discovery is the best way to swim safely with dolphins.
  • St. Thomas Adventure Tours – Explore the islands with guided ecotours of the waters surrounding St. Thomas and learn about the tropical habitat as told by the professional and personalized tour guides.
  • Low Key Watersports – For masters and beginners alike, Low Key Watersports has scuba, snorkel, fishing gear, and kayak rentals for everyone.


The US Virgin Islands offer a wide variety of guided tours through the tropical landscapes of St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island. Find the perfect guided tour for your family and explore the tropical landscape of the US Virgin Islands via boat, on foot, or in the water.

VI Ecotours

Featured Partners:

  • Virgin Islands Ecotours – With locations on St. Thomas and St. John, VI Ecotours offer a snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking experience that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.
  • Tropic Tours – Tropic Tours offer a unique tropical adventure exploring the National Park on St. John and a historical mountaintop tour on St. Thomas.
  • St. Thomas Historical Trust Walking Tours – This local organization offers three professionally guided tours through Downtown Charlotte Amalie, the Historical Trust Museum, and Hassel Island.
VI Snorkeling


Float above the fascinating wildlife that custom the Caribbean waters with your family and discover the wonders of tropical life in the USVI. Learn about all the interesting fish and marine life for an educational and awe-inspiring experience that won’t be forgotten.

Featured Partners:

  • Captain Nautica – Take a charter to some of the best snorkeling locations around St. Thomas.
  • New Horizons – Tropic Tours offer a unique tropical adventure exploring the National Park on St. John and a historical mountaintop tour on St. Thomas.

Water Activities

Feel the excitement of parasailing, water skiing, kayaking, and SUP boarding around the tropical islands and warm waters of the Virgin Islands.

VI Parasailing

Featured Partners:

  • BOSS USVI – Breathing Observation Submersible Scooters are the best way to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean waters.
  • Coral World Ocean Park – Coral World offers multiple unique experiences in exotic aquariums, outdoor marine pools, nature trails, and more.