St. Croix Villas

Fabulous Villas in St. Croix

St. Croix is home to some of the most luxurious resorts, hotels, and villas in the Caribbean. There are quite a few options when it comes to villas on the island, mostly locally owned and operated. You can also find some of the most beautiful beach side villas along the Northern shoreline, thanks to the breathtaking views and pastel sunsets. If you’re looking for a more secluded vacation, there are plenty of villas on St. Croix that will suit your needs.

Villa Madeleine

Villa Madeleine St. Croix

Villa Madeleine offers a private tropical experience while maintaining the beauty of St. Croix’s exotic landscape. Each villa is separated by lush vegetation and tropical gardens that both welcome guests and ensure privacy during the stay. Located in the hillside of St. Croix’s northern Teague Bay, these villas are sure to impress and exceed expectations!

Villa Dawn

Villa Dawn St. Croix

Being as close avilla as one can get, Villa Dawn is well-known around the island for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque sunset views. Located on the Northern shores of St. Croix, this ideal vacation rental boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms. If you are seeking an exotic getaway for a party of large size, look no further than Villa Dawn.

Champagne Vacation Rentals of St. Croix

Champagne Vacation Rentals St. Croix

If luxury and seclusion are what you seek for you vacation, Champagne Vacation Rentals of St. Croix have exactly what you’re searching for.  With 1 to 4+ bedroom options, private pools, ocean views, and so much more, these villas offer a unique look at the Virgin Islands’ hidden gem — St. Croix. Safety, quality, and dependability are what the management at Champagne Vacation Rentals pride themselves on upholding for every visitor.

Villa Margarita St. Croix

Villa Margarita St. Croix

Villa Margarita St. Croix is loaded with complimentary amenities that not many villas, condos, hotels, or resorts have to offer: wifi, kayaks, underwater scooters, snorkel gear, hot tub, Tiki Bar, sun deck, and more. This vacation rental boasts the availability to rent individual suites or the entire villa, something uncommon anywhere in the Caribbean.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

The villas in St. Croix offer a more secluded location for your island getaway. With luxurious amenities like private pools and access to personal automobiles, staying at a villa will allow you to get around the island much easier. Check out our guide to the island’s best villas to find the right spot for you.